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Join the radio show: Slovenian Roots

Slovenian Roots is a biweekly show about first, second and third-generation Slovenes living abroad. We try to find out how people with Slovenian parents or grandparents feel about the country of their roots. Do they feel connected to the country at all? How? What traditions have survived? Have they visited the country of their ancestors […]

Interview Vida Matičič: Musical Career in the Land of Tulips

Vida Matičič Malnaršič comes from Inner Carniola, namely from Rakek. She currently resides in the Netherlands where she moved to study solo singing. At the Conservatory of Music in Amsterdam, she first got a Bachelor’s degree, immediately followed by a Master’s degree. Now, she works as a freelance artist. She performs in concerts, cooperates on […]

A Call for Life-and-Work Accommodation in Ljubljana

In accordance with their program, the Rudi Šeligo Foundation is publishing a call for the co-financing of accommodation in a residence situated in Ljubljana. The residence is located in the center of Ljubljana, in the famous Kozolec building which was designed by architect Edo Mihevc and represents one of the most important 20th century architectural […]

Slovenia declared world’s first green country

Ljubljana – Slovenia has become the world’s first country to be declared a green destination, based on an assessment by the Netherlands-based organisation Green Destinations which established 96%-compliance across 100 criteria. The title was presented at a ceremony at Ljubljana Castle on Tuesday September 27 as part of the two-day Global Green Destinations Day conference, […]

Slovenia in The Hague

On Saturday, 3 September 2016, the visitors of the fourth Embassy Festival held in The Hague had a chance to experience different cultures from all over the world, all over the course of one afternoon. Many visitors were drawn to the Slovenian Pavilion by the frisky performance of the Nizozemska ensemble. This year, they could […]

Reunification of Primorsko with Slovenia celebrated

Slovenia will observe on Thursday the reunification of the western region of Primorsko with Slovenia 69 years ago. Primorsko Reunification Day has been a national holiday since 2006, but it is not a bank holiday. Slovenia regained the region under the Paris Peace Treaty, which took effect in the night from 15 to 16 September […]

Avsenik brothers’ musical oeuvre published in new book

A year after the death of legendary accordion player and composer Slavko Avsenik (1929-2015), a book documenting the musical oeuvre of both founders of the legendary Slovenian oompah music group Avsenik Brothers Ensemble, Slavko Avsenik and his brother Vilko, has been launched. Golden Sounds was written and edited by Aleksi Jercog, a long-time fan of […]

Brglez and Matić receive US-based Slovenian musician

Ljubljana – Parliamentary Speaker Milan Brglez and Culture Committee chair Dragan Matić met on Thursday Cleveland-based Slovenian musician Joe Valencic, one of the most acclaimed representatives of the Slovenian diaspora in the US and head of the Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum.   Valencic presented his activities in researching the history of […]