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Minister Žmavc visits Slovenian minorities in Budapest

Minister for Slovenians Abroad Gorazd Žmavc met with representatives of the Slovenian minority in Hungary and of the Hungarian minority in Slovenia on Monday as part of his two-day visit to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Žmavc met the representatives to discuss collaboration and set a date for the next session of a mixed committee […]

Slovenian poet gets Wislawa Szymborska award

Slovenian poet Uroš Zupan has won the Polish Wislawa Szymborska literary prize for a collection of poems dubbed Slow Sailing. According to a report by the daily Večer, the award was conferred on Zupan in Krakow on Saturday. Zupan’s poetry is marked by a simple language and long verses. Zupan’s poetry is marked by a […]

Slovenia, our country

We invite you to co-create a photo gallery of Slovenia – our country. Let’s celebrate 25 years of Slovenia through photographs presenting events, symbols and images of Slovenia, as seen through your lens. Post your photos on your Instagram profile or the Facebook page of the Slovenian Government using the hashtag #Slovenija25 to give us […]

Photographer Bavčar named Citizen of Europe

Evgen Bavčar, a blind photographer, is one of the recipients of this year’s Citizen of Europe award, an accolade conferred by the European Parliament. The award is conferred on individuals, organisations, projects and initiatives that promote cross-border cooperation and understanding in the EU (Photo: Flickr) Bavčar was nominated by MEP Lojze Peterle (NSi/EPP) and his […]

Slovenian month kicks off in Buenos Aires

Slovenian month, celebrating historic ties between Slovenia and Argentina, kicked off in Buenos Aires to mark Slovenia’s 25th and Argentina’s 200th anniversary. Various cultural events run until 26 June, culminating around Slovenia’s National Day (Photo: crossed-flag-pins.com) Various cultural events run until 26 June, culminating around Slovenia’s National Day. Slovenia’s National Day on 25 June will […]