Award for the best Entrepreneur of Slovenian descent working abroad

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The Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (IRDO), the Slovenian Public Relations Association, and the Government's Office for Slovenians Abroad have – with the most welcome help of their supporting partners – proclaimed that they shall present an award within the framework of this year's HORUS awards. They will give the award to the best entrepreneur of Slovenian descent who works abroad, is actively involved in the field of social responsibility, and is open about their relationship with Slovenia.

On this occasion, you are kindly invited to take part by nominating suitable candidates for the award. You can nominate a candidate who:

  • is an entrepreneur whose business activities contribute to the spreading of good practice in the field of social responsibility and encourages others to pursue activities of such kind;
  • in their regular business activities and the economy in general effortlessly tackles problems related to social responsibility and solves them in such a manner that reflects noticeably on the society;
  • strives to help the youth with their integration in the society and their attainment of independence through work;
  • strives to preserve that which is essentially Slovenian by nature and boost the cooperation between the country where they are situated and Slovenia, etc. (more information is available in the documents accompanying the tender).

You can nominate multiple candidates but you must fill in a separate form for each candidate. The deadline for the submission of nominations is 19 October 2016.

All the tender documents can be accessed at www.horus .si, both in the Slovenian aswell as in the English language. The nominations are free of fees, as the award competition is financed by the Government’s Office for Slovenians Abroad within the limits of their Action Plan Regarding the Cooperation with and Support to Young Slovenians Living in the Neighboring Countries and Abroad.

Additional information:,, 00386 31 344 883



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