Call for 20th Camp of Slovenian teenagers from abroad

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CŠOD PLANINKA, from July 30 to August 6 2016

Slovenian World Congress organizes 20th Youth camp for Teenagers of Slovenian Origin from Abroad from July 30 to August 6 2016 in CŠOD Planinka, close to Maribor.

The main purpose of Youth camp is to bring Slovenia closer to minds and hearts of youngsters who live abroad. Divided in small groups of 6 teenagers and one group leader – animator, we discover the beauty of landscapes and different cultural monuments, culture and national identity of Slovenia. Mornings are reserved for slovenian language lessons in more relaxed atmosphere. Organizers and group leaders encourage the use of slovenian language among participants in mondane conversation. Teenagers with no previous knowledge of slovenian language are also most welcome to the camp. Making new friendships whit peers who share a common bond and come from all around the globe is an adventure and a great life experience.


• Lessons of Slovenian language (in groups according to their knowledege of slovenian language)

• Discovering the natural and ethnological beauty of vicinity and city (Maribor)

• Practical workshops (art, building shelters in nature)

• Disscusions with guests about interesting topics

• Sports, games (orientireeing, archery)

Who can participate?

Young Slovenians from abroad aged from 10 to 15. Please, contact us if Your child is over or bellow this age and we will try to find a suitable solution.

Attendence fee per participant: 170 EUR includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), enterance fees, transportation, workshop materials and accomodation in youth hostle. We expect parents, relatives or representatives of the organizations will bring children to the hostle, where camp is taking place.

Applications: also available on our web page site Please send application forms untill: May 20, 2016 to our post address: Slovenska konferenca SSK, Cankarjeva cesta 1/IV, 1000 Ljubljana (Slovenija) or e-mail:

For more information please contact: Svetovni slovenski kongres, Cankarjeva cesta 1/IV, 1000 Ljubljana Phone: (00386) 1 24-28-552; E-mail:



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