Jessica Jagec: “In Slovenia, Creative Work Is Often Expected to Be Pro Bono.”

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Jessica Jagec, a Slovenian fashion designer, has been given an opportunity in London that many other designers can only dream about. Her creations have been used by many famous fashion brands, e.g. H&M, Calvin Klein, Urban Outfitters, Thakoon, Under Armour and Juicy Couture.

In the interview for Moja Slovenia she told us: “Even though I always liked England and wanted to go there, I had no idea it would all happen so fast and spontaneously. I applied for an Erasmus internship in a company called Mirjam Rouden. After four months of being an intern, the time came for me to go home. However, I was offered an employment which I couldn’t refuse, so I stayed.”

You can read the whole interview in Slovene here.



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