Ljubljana promoting culture and cuisine in Spain

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San Sebastian - Spain's San Sebastian, one of the European capitals of culture in 2016, is hosting several events promoting Ljubljana's culture and cuisine on Sunday, including the Ana Desetnica street theatre festival, the Library Under Treetops project and food tastings all around the city.

One of the aims of the events is to promote Ljubljana as the European Capital of Culture for 2025, the Ljubljana Tourism Board has said.

The Ana Desetnica festival will play eleven street theatre plays, which will be performed by the Ana Monro theatre group on the Puente del Kursaal bridge. San Sebastian will also host the Library Under Treetops to promote Ljubljana's cultural life.

San Sebastian, known as the "culinary Mecca", as it has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants per square metre in the world, will also be serving Slovenian street cuisine on the Puente del Kursaal bridge, while the Bokado San Telmo restaurant will serve Basque variations of traditional Ljubljana dishes.

Four other European festivals will meanwhile take place in San Sebastian, presenting a dance group from France's Lyon, literature from Ireland's Dublin and music from Poland's Wroclaw. Source: STA



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