Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies at UCLA in 2017/2018

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The Kerže-Cheyovich Fund is giving a scholarship to one Slovenian postgraduate student (enrolled in either a master’s, doctoral or researcher’s program) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), studying transport phenomena in complex systems. The due date for the submission of applications at UCLA is 30 November 2016. Prior to the submission of the application, applicants must notify the Slovenian Embassy in Washington about their enrollment to their e-mail address no later than 10 November 2016.

In cooperation with the University of Maribor (UM), the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), the Slovenian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MZZ), and the Slovenian Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund (public fund); the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) wishes to inform potential candidates about the possibility of receiving the Kerze-Cheyovich Fund scholarship for their postgraduate studies (Master’s or PhD) at UCLA, commencing with the fall semester of 2017.

The scholarship will be given to a candidate studying the topic of transport phenomena in complex systems, which includes the following disciplines from the fields of mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, and physics:

  • heat transfer;
  • mass transfer;
  • fluid mechanics.

The studies will be supervised by Ivan Catton (, a professor at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at UCLA (

Based on the choice of the expert committee, one (1) scholarship will be granted to the most successful candidate. The primary criterion for the selection will be the candidate’s academic potential, which is why the candidates are encouraged to highlight their previous research achievements and specify the subject field within the framework of the above-mentioned disciplines on which they wish to focus their future research.

The applications for enrollment in UCLA must be submitted to UCLA no later than 30 November 2016. Further information, the application forms, and required documentation are available at UCLA’s website (links below).

In order to obtain the funds from the Kerže-Cheyovich Fund, the candidates must provide proof of eligibility and submit the documentation until 10 November 2016 to the Slovenian Embassy in Washington, namely to their e-mail address The candidates can also address their questions concerning the UCLA application to the Embassy.

At the same time, the candidates must also apply to the call for the Ad future scholarship for studying abroad, which the public fund will have published by the end of 2016. In case they are given the scholarship, the applicant is obliged to accept it.

Before applying for the scholarship, candidates are requested to read the following:

Additional information:
Slovenian Embassy in Washington
2410 California Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
+1 (202) 386 6621



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