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On Saturday, 3 September 2016, the visitors of the fourth Embassy Festival held in The Hague had a chance to experience different cultures from all over the world, all over the course of one afternoon. Many visitors were drawn to the Slovenian Pavilion by the frisky performance of the Nizozemska ensemble. This year, they could once again try out Slovenian wine, which can also be found at quite a few other locations across Benelux. Last year, the focus of the Slovenian presentation was on beekeeping, while it was all about lacemaking this year. Passers-by could witness the art of lacemaking in person.

The majority of questions asked were about the possibilities of visiting Slovenia. The Embassy’s organizing team led by Ambassador Kirn was once again assisted by the members of the local Friends of Slovenia association. The piles of brochures had to be updated with additional information constantly and some visitors wanted to be shown where Slovenia is on the map. Each year, however, the number of people who already know our homeland rises and, consequently, the questions we are asked are increasingly detailed.
Aside from enabling us to present Slovenia, which we do quite successfully, the already traditional Embassy Festival is also a great opportunity for the local compatriots, who can help with informing or gather for either a chat about their experiences or to make new contacts among the members of the Slovenian community – all of this with Slovenian refreshments. Also always keen to visit us are “our own” Netherlanders. The musicians of Nizozemska are all Dutch; however, after they paid a visit to Slovenia, they immediately fell in love not just with our natural wonders and the kindness of our people, but also with our folk music. They’ve performed at many Slovenian events across Benelux but have never had an audience as big as the one in The Hague!
Source: Metka Dijkstra-Murko



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