Slovenia setting up cultural centre in Berlin

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The government established on Thursday the Slovenian Cultural Centre in Berlin, which will be launched on 15 April. Slovenia's second cultural centre abroad will operate as part of the country's embassy.


The government aims to boost the promotion of Slovenia with the move, the government Communication Office said after today's cabinet session. The centre will serve as the main reference point in the promotion of Slovenia's culture in Berlin and will represent Slovenian artists in Germany, the press release also said.

It is unclear who will head the centre, which is estimated to require EUR 215,000 in 2016 and EUR 207,000 next year, according to initial assessments. This will be the second cultural centre Slovenia established abroad after the first one was established in Vienna in 2012.

The decision to set up the Berlin centre is in line with Slovenia's National Culture Programme for 2014-2017, under which Slovenia is to set up a network of cultural centres across the world.



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