Slovenian poet gets Wislawa Szymborska award

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Slovenian poet Uroš Zupan has won the Polish Wislawa Szymborska literary prize for a collection of poems dubbed Slow Sailing. According to a report by the daily Večer, the award was conferred on Zupan in Krakow on Saturday.

Foto: Daniel Novaković/STA

Foto: Daniel Novaković/STA

Zupan's poetry is marked by a simple language and long verses.

Zupan's poetry is marked by a simple language and long verses and has been influenced by American poets, Polish Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz, Italian Cesare Pavese and several other young Polish authors.

He received several awards for his works including the Prešeren Fund Award for his collection of poems Opening the Delta in 1996.

According to Večer, the Polish award in honour of Nobel laureate Szymborska was given away by the city of Krakow for the first time this year. It is conferred in two categories, for original Polish literature and for translations into the language.

Zupan's work was translated into Polish by Milosz Biedrzycki and Katarina Šalamun Biedrzycka. (STA)



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