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In the Netherlands, we have been cooking and – more importantly – baking “the Slovenian way” for a while now. Our cooking workshops have always been quite popular. Aside from Slovenians who miss their national cuisine, they are also attended by a fair number of the Dutch. To prove that no pig slaughter or fancy recipes are needed to prepare a true gourmet dish, we organized the workshop once again on 3 December 20016 in Rijswijk. 


The theme was “Fall Lunch” and what we prepared was a Slovenian type of stew called obara, roast potatoes, Carniolan sausage, a salad, and a loaf of pogača. We already came up with the menu and booked both the kitchen and the dining room with the committee members at the Friends of Slovenia Association in September. Since this was a big event, we needed to divide our work accordingly. Špela Božnar, the host of Igrive urice (Playful Hours), taught the children how to properly arrange a table setting. The fact that an additional eight new members of the Friends of Slovenia Association joined us this time speaks volumes as to how pleasant these events are not just for the children but adults just aswell. Aside from the priority in applying and a discount, we also gave them an issue of the bilingual Lipa publication.

As always, the entire Embassy along with Ambassador Roman Kirn and his wife Jovi also attended our cooking workshop. Later on, we were also joined by Zvone Štrubelj, a Slovenian Priest from Brussels. Those who wanted to could go about the afternoon speaking their mother tongue. The children received presents from Miklavž, the Slovenian St Nicholas, who sent them books and chocolate.



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