Manneken Pis to be clad in Slovenian folk costume

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Brussels, 25 June - The famous Manneken Pis bronze sculpture in Brussels will don the traditional folk costume of Slovenia's Gorenjsko region on Saturday in honour of the 25th anniversary of Slovenian independence.

 manekenn pis

On the occasion, the people of Brussels and visitors passing by the naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin near the Grand Place square, will be treated to Slovenian dishes and beverages.

In the morning, a ceremony will be held at the location, which will also feature Slovenian Ambassador in Brussels Matjaž Šinkovec.

Along with food and drink and a show by a folk dance ensemble, visitors will also be presented Slovenia's tourist destinations.

This is the third time that the "Little man Pee", made in the 17th century, will be wearing Slovenian garments.

The first occasion was 30 April 2004, the day before the country joined the EU, and the second five years ago when Slovenia celebrated 20 years of independence. (Source: STA)



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